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Debora L. Bogart, LMT, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner

 "I have had several massages done by Deb and she is great at what she does. After each massage all the stiffness and sore spots are worked out. I have a huge amount of energy for days. Deb has an amazing gift of knowledge and skill in her line of work."

-Cheryl E.
Columbus Grove, OH


  "I've seen Deb Bogart for massages over many years and she is the first person I think of when I need one. I had a running-related injury and she worked with me diligently until the muscles were working and I could run again. Also, she worked with me after a car accident until I was back to normal. I'm at ease knowing she'll take care of me! Thanks Deb!"

-Gayle E.
Gahanna, OH


"Deb provides a service that not only serves as a relaxation release, she heals! With the ability to heal sore muscles, ringing nerves, and knots that won't let loose Deb also gives you a chance to take a deep breath. Rarely do you get therapy that is not only a healthy, organic, method to pain relief-massage therapy also heals the problem as well!"

 -Crystal E.
Bluffton, OH


"Deb's skill and professional demeanor is a winning combination. She's helped me stay strong and not sore from demanding physical work. She knows how to locate the right muscle to work to alleviate tension. I've referred Deb Bogart, LMT to many people and all have been extremely pleased."

~Lynne S.
Ada, OH


"It may sound cliché to say that Debora has changed my life, but it really is true. I have had several massages from other therapists, but none have even come close in the dedication and the knowledge she shows me in every single session. You will not find another therapist more committed to your healing than Debora Bogart. She makes it her personal mission to ensure that you are your best self every time you leave her office. Her skills and diversity in training are unparalleled to any other therapist I have ever had contact with. It is impossible to be anything other that whole leaving her presence."

~ Jennifer K.
Anna, OH


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