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Debora L. Bogart, LMT, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner
Practitioner Certifications

Debora L. Bogart, LMT, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master

Certificates of Practice:

Manual Adhesion Release for the shoulder and knee

Instrument Assisted Release

Hot Stone Massage

Advanced Hot Stone Therapies

Myoskeletal Therapies

Neuromuscular Therapies

Orthopedic Therapies

Basic Clinical Therapies

Nerve Entrapment Therapy

Geriatric Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pediatric Massage

Infant Massage


Cancer Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage

Chair and Advanced Chair Massage

Sinus Massage

Sports Massage

Muscle Toning/ Advanced Facial Massage

Paraffin Muscle Toning Facial Massage

Clay Muscle Toning Facial Massage

Repetitive Use Injury Therapy

Aromatherapy Level I

Aromatherapy Level II

Certified Aromatherapist with NAHA

Reiki Level III (Reiki Master)

Gua Sha for Pain Relief

Soma Cupping



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